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Discover the Simplest Secrets to Easy Weight Loss! 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the overflow of diet information out there?

Are you trying to figure out the perfect diet plan?

Do you wish to lose weight easily &and quickly?

Wish you could enjoy food without worry and live more happily?

What's Inside?

Start a wonderful adventure into the puzzling world of diets and find out the real, simple truths about food, dieting and weight loss.

This eBook is like a friendly guide, showing you how to enjoy food without worry, know when your body is really hungry, pick good health advice without spending lots, and yes, help you lose weight too!
Why You Need This Book?

🌱 Unbiased Truths: Gain insights into the authentic truths of dieting that remain untold.

💡Empowering Knowledge: Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed diet choices.

🍏 Love for Food: Learn to embrace every bite with joy and not guilt.

💰 Budget-Friendly Tips: Discover economical ways to stay fit and healthy.

🎯Practical Advice: Apply simple and practical tips to understand your hunger and choose the right health advice online.

Who is this eBook for?

✔️ Anyone desiring to lose weight
✔️ Anyone who wants to live a balanced life,
✔️ Who is eager to break free from the diet dilemma
✔️ Who is keen to develop a loving relationship with food
✔️ If you have started any diet
✔️ If you are just stepping into the realm of healthy living

"Eat Right, Not Less" is your go-to guide to easy weight loss and happier life.

What readers say?

"A truly enlightening read! It shattered my misconceptions about dieting and taught me how to love food again."
 - Smita Kulkarni
"Simple, straightforward, and life-changing advice on diet and weight loss. A must-read!"
 - Priti Arora
"This eBook was a revelation! It changed my perspective on food and helped me shed my unwanted weight joyfully."
 - Kinjal Shah
Martini on Marble
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about the author.

Namaste lovely people! I’m Dr. Snehal, your goofy friend who once was a serious doctor but is now the silly and fun nutrition whiz behind Curvicare!


I've had my dance with extra weight, played games with food, and had lots of ups and downs with PCOD. Been there! So, I brought Curvicare to life 6 years ago to spread smiles, health, and a whole lotta love to all the amazing ladies out there!


My big dream? To help a million women find their happy and healthy selves! (And I’m keeping count! 😉) I’ve got 3 cool National awards, and they make me super happy!  But, the real joy? Seeing all the smiley, healthy faces around!  


I’m a true desi girl! I’d pick panipuri over pizza any time!  I love biking, cooking up tasty desi stuff, and yeah, taking fun mirror selfies! 


And hey, I’ve poured all my fun tips and joyful vibes into this eBook, "Eat Right, Not Less: Straight Talk on Easy Weight Loss," to help you kickstart your journey to a lighter, happier you! 📘

We understand that you may have questions along the way, and our friendly team is always here to support you every step of the journey.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time, and we'll be delighted to guide you.
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