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 'New Year New You' make 2024 the year you transform 😍

A new, PCOS-free you is waiting!
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Introducing 'PowHER PCOS'

No more pills, Just delicious Desi meals 🍲 

Do you worry when your next period will come?

Is it hard for you to lose weight, no matter what you try?

Are there days when you're too tired to do even simple tasks?

Are you worried about your acne, oily skin & thinning of hair?

What to expect from this PowHERful program?

✔️ Fitting into your favourite jeans again

 ✔️Less worried about irregular periods

 ✔️Fitter, Younger Body
 ✔️Looking in the mirror & loving your clear skin
✔️Happier every day, with no mood swings 
✔️Better Gut Health
✔️Sustainable Healthy Habits
✔️Better Relationship with Food
✔️Hopeful about having kids, with a better understanding of PCOS

Trusted by

4.9 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️
on Google

(3100+ reviews)

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Why will you get results?
✔️ Desi Diet Plans for Quick & Effective Fat Loss

✔️ Personal Dietitian as your best friend on this journey 

✔️ Family-Friendly Meals: Tasty Diet recipes the whole family can enjoy together.

✔️ Easy Ingredients: No fancy stuff, just everyday items from your kitchen.

✔️ No sweating in gyms for hours: Achieve results with just 30 minutes of walking.

✔️ VIP entry to our Whatsapp Group.



But wait,

There's more... We have bonuses for you 🎁 😍

1️⃣ Maintenance Guide: Ensures that once you've achieved your weight goals, you can sustain them for life. (worth 1199 INR)
2️⃣ Free Diet Consultation for Family: Ensures that your loved one can also benefit from expert advice. (worth 999 INR)
3️⃣ Restaurant Guide with 10+ cuisines: Helps you make healthy choices even when dining out, so you don't derail from your progress. (worth 499 INR)
4️⃣ Recipe Book with 100+ recipes: Gives you a variety of tasty yet healthy meals to try, ensuring your diet is never boring. (worth 849 INR)

5️⃣ Alcohol Guide: Enables you to enjoy social outings without compromising your diet. (worth 399 INR)

6️⃣ Travel Guide: Stay on track with your health goals even while traveling. (worth 399 INR)

7️⃣ PCOD + Thyroid Guide: Specifically designed advice for those with these conditions, ensuring tailored care. (worth 499 INR)

8️⃣ Common Ailments & Home Remedies Guide: Natural solutions to everyday health issues. (worth 999 INR)

9️⃣ Kitchen Ingredient Miracles Guide: Discover the health benefits of everyday kitchen items. (worth 799 INR)
1️⃣0️⃣ Habit Tracker: Monitor your daily routines and cultivate healthy habits seamlessly. (worth 199 INR)
1️⃣1️⃣First Bites: Your baby’s journey into solid foods- recipes included. (Worth 499 INR)

Bonuses worth  INR 6,444 for FREE 😍

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Get 1 jar of Glosense for FREE

Find the Right Challenge for you.


🌟 8 weeks Program

What you''ll get

✔️ 8 weeks diet plans
✔️ All 10 bonus (worth 6444 INR)
✔️ Access to WhatsApp Community


INR 17440

🌟 16 Weeks Program 

What you''ll get

✔️ 16 weeks diet plans
✔️ All 10 bonus (worth 6444 INR)
✔️ Access to WhatsApp Community
✔️ Chance to win gift hamper worth 5000 INR
✔️ Free journal pdf
Get 1 jar of Glosense for FREE

INR 22440

* Pricing for Non- Resident Indians are different.

101 Days Challenge Winners with gifts 😍

Join the "PowHer PCOS" program now for an incredible price!

That's less than the cost of 3 sarees combined.

Imagine transforming your body and feeling even more confident and beautiful in sarees.


We have limited seats. Hurry Up**

Martini on Marble
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price match gaurantee.

At CurviCare, we are not only committed to your health and well-being, but we also understand the importance of receiving unmatched value. Our program offers a comprehensive suite of services and bonuses that we believe are unparalleled in the market. To demonstrate our confidence in the value we provide, we offer a Price Match Guarantee. 

If you find a similar service offering the same level of comprehensive care and bonuses at a lower price, we will match that price. That's our promise.

We understand that you may have questions along the way, and our friendly team is always here to support you every step of the journey.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time, and we'll be delighted to guide you.
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